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Welcome to the UMN DSI, the front door to Data Science at the University of Minnesota! The DSI is a university-wide nexus of multidisciplinary collaboration and information sharing. We provide communication, coordination, integration, and amplification of campus-wide Data Science activities. The DSI also puts a spotlight on current focus areas by providing education, funding, and research assistance in our focus areas. For 2023/24 our focus areas are foundational data science and digital health and personalized healthcare delivery.

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Join us for insightful seminars that delve into the world of data and its foundational principles as well as its wide-ranging applications in data science. Engage with expert speakers as they explore Foundational Data Science, shedding light on its core concepts. Discover new opportunities in Digital Health and Personalized Healthcare Delivery, as our speakers unravel the transformative potential of data in this field. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events, and be a part of our knowledge-sharing journey!

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